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layout... and random nonsense

so the layout is pretty much done-zo. it's a close duplicate of what the original layout was like PLUS the chapterization-utensil (withaspoon!!!) -thingy (which is why i changed it in the first place...)

that's one thing off my list. wewt.

the redraw is coming up nicely. i get about a page a day (cause i'm bored easy and i always find myself on youtube after 10 minutes looking for some obscure video).

and with one redraw also comes either a new page for ch. 3 or for the ch. 1 bonus, or that's the goal here. i've been doing pretty well, no? although, that computer restart was a blow to my motivation :P

progress! that is what we aim for!

anyway... does (adding) parentheses (change) the (meaning) of the (sentence)? what if i "add" random "quotes" instead?

posted by spacezombie @ January 15th, 2011, 12:40 am  -  0 Comments

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