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Solunes (Guest), January 16th, 2009, 3:24 am
- "And for a ghost, you're not so scary so it works both ways!"

Looking at that...one can only wonder if that could be taken as a backhanded compliment. :D
Somehow, Trey strikes me as the type of boy who always means well in what he says, but ... XD

Hehe, I never thought of the difference between "groupie" and "fan" before. However, it's nice that I can now adopt a better distinction between the two. ^_^

Ah, and referring back to a few comments ago - I just went back to Ch. 1 to see what you meant; and call me Captain Oblivious, but wow - there is an interesting style shift! I take it you were experimenting at the time? :)

Anyhow, just finally got around to checking updates - and I always appreciate it how you seem to update in "bulks" (updates being near in date) and how the panels always end in a conclusive/suspenseful spot.
It makes the storyline flow much easier despite how online always makes you pause with a click and load, unlike the easy flip of a paper page.

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