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Noelle, December 30th, 2008, 12:17 pm
- One has to love trey. He's so adorable! <3

Solunes (Guest), January 6th, 2009, 11:05 pm
- Hehe, Trey certainly IS delusional...c'mon, you'd think he got enough jabs by Max's sarcastic sense of humor by now. :)
Hehe, he reminds me of a puppy with his "I'll just go wait for him on the porch!" comment. :D

P.S: I FINALLY came around to noticing how you took the time to reply to one of comments a few pages back. ._.;;;

And just so you know, you shouldn't have to go back and change the pages - for flashyness does not a lovable plot make.
Regardless of one's personal opinion towards classics like "The Peanuts" or other comic strips like "Non Sequitor"; you cannot deny how there was some element that attract loyal fans even if the art wouldn't be something your art professor would rave about.
If one is hooked on the character's personality and adventures, how it "looks" becomes less important as the artist masterfully pulls the reader into the story.

This probably sounds silly...but I think your art subconciously (?) reflects what your storytelling intentions are.
For example...if you art were on the opposite spectrum of impressive realism then the reader would become too distracted by this "realistic stranger" and be less able to empathize with a more iconic character.
And if you were somewhere in the middle spectrum where the art was the typical kind of pretty that appealed to well... hormonal girls - erm...you got to admit, they probably would pay less attention to the storyline and characters themselves and instead flood the commentary of when will the "nefarious sex scene" arrive.
By that time, one can expect that their fanbase unconciously just degraded your character into a piece of convenient (rapable >_<;) boy-meat...and no longer as a character they view as human.
Of course, people can get wrapped up in their emotions and not mean any harm by it...but it can get dissapointing if one is trying gain respect and focus over the storytelling.
Hey, at least f I were you, I'd take advantage of your style had to offer. You don't need "flashy" to tell a tale, ja?

...*Gapes, and suddenly facepalms* I apologize if I rambled too much for your tastes - but, I really, really, REALLY do like your comic. ;_;
If my comments err...ever get too wordy for you...tell me? >_o;

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