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Solunes (Guest), December 17th, 2008, 10:50 pm
Character Development?!? YAY! - 'Ello,
Just your average Lurker who makes the occasional (miraculous) appearance. :)

There's just something about this webcomic that makes me WANT to follow the storyline even though the art and way the panels are laid out are different from what I'm used to. You should be happy with yourself, because storytelling is more than just ""ZOMG! PRETTY PICTURES!"

Hence, is why I'm inwardly giddy and looking forward to the character development chapters. If you can actually get a reader to CARE about a character, to see them as human, opposed to just "convenient boy meat" (*bursts out laughing*), than that's truly something considering how a majority of the Smackjeeves audience are young girls. *Grins a little*

It's great that you're giving thought to how their placement will effect the flow of your story, while at the same time impressed that you arrange your panels in at a level that's personally comfortable to you. It certainly leads to quicker updates! <3

Your consideration over storytelling is subtle (but the process often tends to be)...nevertheless, atl east know there's folks out there that notice and appreciate you all the more for it. :)

P.S: Trey - you're one cleaner kiddo than I am. ^^; But eh...I cannot help but to think he's being taken advantage of. O_o;;;

Max: "You actually did my chores?!?" XD *Inwardly cackling as he thinks of further schemes*

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